Lighthouse and CI

So the story started when our lead developer Slim Jaâbiri introduce me to the lighthouse and he asked me to implement it into our CI but since we are using bitbucket pipeline, I did not really find any official image to use especially when it comes to sending the report to our slack channel, I tried two workarounds

First Workaround

It was about just implementing lighthouse API and the developer can just check the pipeline result but at some point, it was really boring and not really intuitive, since the developer needs to check every time the pipe and I…

So this will be the strat of my fun articles list since I am on Partial unemployment 🍻

Today we will make a quick slash command that will trigger a custom pipe and run it .


Honestly, I like to play with stuff like this when I am not in the mood, and also in my work, it seems like the developers are too lazy to run custom pipe or manual pipe in bitbucket


It is really easy pips, I want to type /deploy2uat on slack and it triggers a custom pipe in the bitbucket pipeline

/deploy2uat: means slack API


So I wrote an article to give my feedback about vercel and one of my favorite Rainbow points was the vercel.json which is a kind of configuration file but here I used it for the security headers.

In my last project, I tested our website with which gives an insight into missing headers that can be used to threaten your website.

The test was a D 😫


I will not do what classic articles do, like what is Vercel just google it guys, the most important thing for me is to give you my feedback about Vercel and hopefully, someone from Vercel team could answer my dark side points.

So I work with Vercel for 2 months now, I didn't really appreciate it as a tool since am into it is infrastructure more than the ready-to-go product but I found it useful in some cases and painful in others.

🌈Rainbow side🌈

1- Vercel is easy to use and manipulate, any developer can link the repository to Vercel and here…

Reduce Docker image size

We will talk about how to reduce Docker's image size.

This is our Dockerfile

Update 11 April 2021: You can see a better implemantation here

Today, i will show you some fun to tease your code xD and see how much it is a flop or top, so let the party start💃 🍻

What is lighthouse ?

I am so lazy to rewrite internet definition so here you go in short points

Lighthouse is an open-source
Google product
Audit web application ( performance, accessibility, SEO ..)

That is what you can get as result if you run lighthouse to audit you web application

What a bad performance, i know, i am such a noob 😅 .

Since we…

I was working on a project using strapi as backend, we used Kubernetes on Google Cloud Platform ( GKE ), as strapi was in beta version and the documentation was not really rich, I didn’t find any helpful link to deploy to Kubernetes from here I made my own helm chart ( of corse it is the stable one after a lot of debug and dirty work)
The tricks was in MongoDB URL specially and also the need to host strapi on subdomain and not a route ( eg: → this will not work)

here you can find the helm chart

To install just

helm upgrade — install strapi-chart — values values.yaml — set image.tag=yourtag

Let’s go forward folks! I don't know why I write this but I was kind of angry and 0 motivation to work so here we go..

1- Create a repository in Github

Of course, you need to clone the repository, if you don't know how just google it

2- Create a helm chart for testing

$ mkdir helm-src && cd helm-src
$ helm create helm-test2-chart
Creating helm-test2-chart

3- Create a helm chart package

$ helm package helm-src/helm-test2-chart/
Successfully packaged chart and saved it to: /home/geekette/mines/helmtest/helm-test2-chart-0.1.0.tgz

4- Generate index.yaml file

A repository is characterized primarily by the presence of a special…

Rapidos Image classification with Tensorflow

Felt so bored after work and too lazy to do yoga, I decided to do some image classification with TensorFlow for yoga positions.

It is just some dirty testing of the new tool make_image_classifier, It is meant to replace image_retraining/ for people who already did this with the retrain script

What is Tensorflow ?

Tensorflow is the craziest deep learning library in the world right now, that made the life of many developers easy and even let some DevOps like me playing with it, it focuses on simplicity and ease of use. ( Okay! Okay…

Hi, we will deploy today a simple code to cloud run using bitbucket pipelines

What is CloudRun ?

Cloud Run is a fully managed compute platform that automatically scales your stateless containers. Cloud Run is serverless: it abstracts away all infrastructure management, so you can focus on what matters most — building great applications. Run your containers in fully managed Cloud Run or on Anthos, which supports both Google Cloud and on-premises environments. Cloud Run is built upon an open standard, Knative, enabling the portability of your applications.

What is Bitbucket Pipeline ?

Bitbucket Pipelines is an integrated CI/CD…


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